my hair is so thin i can see my scalp

I've tried different hair thickening shampoos and scalp treatments and my hair continues to thin. I can still see my scalp. This is my first time posting here about my hair, I am 15 years old and the scalp of my head can be easily seen, because you can see through my hair. My hair is soooo thin and so you can see my head/scalp? Reaction score 0. Over time I refined the formula so that my hair was receiving everything it needed to grow thicker and thicker everyday. The tiny see through, almost invisible, hairs on my scalp started getting thicker and becoming terminal (full grown hairs). Its not fair. So I am wondering how long I have had it for…. And, you don't need a bald father or grandfather to have this and women are not excluded. I think that while my hair loss had slowed down the hair that was growing in that first year to 18 months after my surgery wasn’t able to grow in the best conditions and it was rubbish. Batra says these are the most common signs that your hair is starting to thin: 1. Dry hair is caused by lack of moisture, as you know, and many will try and remedy this over-washing. report. I have also noticed as I'm getting older my hair is getting finer( the actual hair shaft itself) so that may also play a part. When my hair is wet and when I wake up in the morning I can see parts of my scalp. Oddly enough… We were watching a video of when I was 2 years old. Is there any treatments/products for it? The rest of your hair still looks very full and healthy. I figure a red scalp is not a healthy scalp. So if you have oily skin, try using a moisturizer on your face and a conditioner on your scalp. I tried alot of medicines, like vitamins and all, but after 3 years I still see no difference. Moisturize your scalp and face properly and the glands won’t have to do this. Hair washing. My Regimen. My hair was so dry and frizzy and it got to the point that no matter what I used on it it never looked any good. I've personally noticed my scalp more now and this is after taking much better care of my hair compared to my teens and 20's. Widening of the part 2. I had a disaster bleaching my hair 7 years ago, leaving it on too long. Go. i've never really looked before, so i don't know if i'm just noticing this and making a big deal out of it for no reason or if it's nothing to worry about. Your hair has no natural lubrication. My hair is still short but it's about 1-2cm. So in all those clumps, even though my clumps are translucent, you can see through them, which I thought I was the only one, tehre's plenty of hair in each of those and if you brush them, separate them all, it's giong to fill out more. Im only 19 and i have been to the doctors and been tested for alopecia twice, tests came back negative. 2. Now I have begun to notice that the front of my hair is extremely light and when under a bright light you can see my scalp and it is extremely prominant. i can see my scalp some through the hair that's beside my part. Should I be afraid because I am that young? My highest wrinkle lies at the freckle on my forehead. So for the past 2 or 3 years I noticed that my hair is very thin and whenever I look in the mirror my hair is even thinner and i can see my whole scalp. Oftentimes, oily skin actually is the result of initial dryness, with your sebum glands overcompensating. Hair Loss Isn’t Just a Guy Thing. Depending on how long the problem continues, there may come a day when you notice that you can see the white of your scalp because there is no longer enough hair to cover the area or because you are experiencing patterned loss. Hair Loss. M. maxy New Member . From board-certified doctors and trusted medical professionals. Because yes, I was told I have med. If you wash your hair often, you may wonder why is my hair so dry, still? November 12th, 2008, 08:05 PM. I could see noticeable scalp in this same area lol. Any tips or any help would be welcome thanks. hide. I'm 18 years old, and my hair is about 4 inches long. Whether it’s short- or long-term, women lose hair the same way men do. if there’s any hair, it’s very thin and fragile; so it breaks off really easily; So in most cases, those patches destroy the hair above – causing bald spots all over the scalp. Also – thy can be painful, but that depends from person to person. Hello. 0 comments. Reaction score 0. It might thin all over, or your center part could get wider and wider. I'm not bald yet you can see some empty spaces in my scalp. Lifting at the root, combing forward or to the side, or wearing your hair in a ponytail or adding waves and curls can all help. Answer. Generally you see dermatitis flares on oily skin. And once a lustrous dark curtain, my hair had taken on an alarming transparent quality. Dry hair can result from: Dry scalp. Dec 7, 2016 #1 I'm 17 and I can easily see my scalp through light.what do I do? A big no-no. (I never find remnants) I have been for tests and all is well on the medical front apart from starting on a very early peri menopause which may or may not be agravating my problem. Longer tresses weigh down hair near the scalp, so you lose fullness and volume at the root. Anyhow I hope you guys can give me some advice for my hair. Dec 7, 2016 #2 … From 2009 i used to get bald patch in my head about the size of a coin, 1 each year since then, but hair eventually did grow back. Hot/Red /Itchy Scalp and Hair Loss I am in desperate need of help. Hair thinning could be due to poor diet or lack of a certain vitamin, medications, stress or even heredity. I'm sure no-one notices except you. and since it's so thin, it captures the sunlight and the colour looks absolutely golden and radiant! Nat242. Whenever I go to see the dermatologist ( I have seen like 20), I am diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis and given some form of topical medicine. PLEASE HELP!!!!! 2 years ago. It relies on oils made in its roots to keep it moisturized. I usualy get my hair cut about a grade 3 which is short but even when it is alot longer, you can still see my head. I never really cared about hair loss or noticed it until 1 month ago when I used my camera to check the back of my head for any white hairs. My father is little I balding?? but however, if i cut my hair short, or if i part my hair in the left, i don't see my scalp. Camouflaging A See Through Scalp: If the problem isn’t yet that bad, you can try styling your hair around it. I hate it, its bringing me down so much, i hate watching all my friends with thick luxurious hair, when i do everything i can for my hair. 50% Upvoted. A loss of volume is often not the only problem that you have to deal with if your hair is shedding or thinning. Where my scalp is white, my hair is fine, so I am on a mission to turn the pink into white. Since then, over the past 3 or 4 years my already fine, thin hair has been melting. Thread starter maxy; Start date Dec 7, 2016; 1; 2; Next. Sort by Recommended. Answers (4)ASK A DOCTOR . save. I have always had a high hair line and I have noticed on the website a lot of talk surrounding your highest wrinkle and a mature hairline, however, my hairline has always been a good bit above this even during primary school. 1/3. Genetic Causes Of Hair Thinning To The Scalp: Probably the most common cause of hair that thins so severely that you can see straight through is genetics or a sensitivity to androgens or DHT (called AGA or androgenic alopecia.) 1 of 2 Go to page. Seeing more skin on the scalp when hair is pulled back 3. Hair Loss. i'm 14 and the past couple of days i've realllly been stressing about this. Is this because of my hair pattern, or am I losing hair? My hair used to be very thick in my 20's, thick in my 30's and now thin hair in my 40's . My Regimen. Solutions & Treatment. share. An itchy scalp is a common condition, but if you also notice abnormal hair loss, you may be concerned. Which may be working but not sure yet. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago. Under strong light I can see most of my scalp on the top of my head. My mother who is 75 still has a great head of hair, My dermotologist gave me some lotion to put on my head. Thinning Hair -- Rogaine, Propecia, Viviscal, Progesterone, PRPIf you have thinning hair you really need an evaluation to see if it is genetic or from another cause like stress or autoimmune. Does anybody know what i can do or use to get my hair thicker? If it is determined to be genetic there are many options and traditional treatments like rogaine foam and propecia pills can be used. When the normal lights are on I can see just a bit of my scalp under my hair. I don't want a … read more Over-washing your hair actually strips it of its natural oils and shine not only causing dry hair, but dry and sometimes, itchy scalp. It's not visible unless I tilt my head down and the lights are on. I'm having to resort to hair extentions, as my hair is so thin, you can see my scalp everywhere. This caused the dormant hair follicles in my scalp to reactivate one by one. I have literally tried everything under the sun, but to no avail, no cure. I have only noticed this recently although it may have always been like this and now I'm paying more attention to my hair I have seen it lol. That's my theory I"m using to hold on to my sanity. I can see my scalp very easily when my hair is wet, is this normal or am I losing hair or thinning? Boys have told me my hair is really soft to run their fingers through, volume isn't really a problem when I let it down (it's so fluffy!) when i part my hair in the right while combing or try styling a pompadour,, i can see some part of my scalp through my hair, just above my hairline. M. maxy New Member. textuer, not coarse like I thought. Can See Scalp Under Light.thinning Hair? There has obviously been some damage to the follicle but is there any chance it can grow back? I am wondering what are my options. About six months ago I set out on a mission to get my hair back in good condition. I have been battling extreme scalp irritation and hair loss for several years now. I can see my scalp a little through my hair at the hairline. Please help guys . I spent hours staring at my scalp in the mirror, parting and re-parting my hair to see which side looked fuller. I can see my scalp very easily when my hair is wet, is this normal or am I losing hair or thinning? I bleached my hair a couple of years ago for a few months stupidly and as a result my hair got a LOT thinner at the front, so much so that you can see my scalp quite a bit (and for this reason I can't have a fringe/bangs anymore). My hair is not thin at all, but since I've stopped straightening them (they shed a whole lot more), they do the exact same thing when wet. I've also noticed that my scalp has been itchy, but there are no signs of dandruff. Next Last. My hair also gets greasy and oily very fast in less than 24h after showering.

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