why learn biblical hebrew

One connects to the ancient Israelites through their language. Many passages of the Hebrew Bible will also provide us with insights into the manners and customs of the ancient Hebrews such as Genesis chapter 18 which depicts the nomadic lifestyle of tent dwellers, hospitality customs to strangers and family and household relationships. While there are many reasons to learn a foreign language, I want to share 3 reasons why you and your kids should learn Hebrew.. 1 - Learning Hebrew boosts cultural and Biblical understanding. Only by studying the original language of the Bible can one see the text in its original state. I admit, I love the land and people of Israel. Modern Hebrew and Biblical Hebrew are very similar. A people's language is very closely related to their culture, without an understanding of the Hebrew culture we cannot fully understand their language. Hebrew is the original language of the Bible. Much time, effort and dedication will be necessary to successfully accomplish this goal. You’ve probably heard that Hebrew is written ‘wtht th vwls’ (“without the vowels”), … Clearly, not all of these 7 million people are of Jewish origin. In numerous places in the Bible, the prophets (Isaiah 19:18, 36:11, 13, 2 Kings 18:26, 2 Chronicles 32:18 and Nehemiah 13:24) refer to Hebrew as “the language of Canaan”, the “Judean” language and the “language of the Jews”. Have you always wanted to learn to read the Bible in Hebrew? Though considered a “dead” language for nearly 2,000 years following the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans, Hebrew has experienced techiyat haMetim, a “revival of the dead”. Any widely used Greek or Hebrew grammar would be a good place to begin. (119) Jeremy Bouma. The Hebrew word for "keep" is שמר (shamar, Strong's #8104) and literally means "to guard, protect, and cherish" while the Hebrew word for "break" is פרר (parar, Strong's #6565) and literally means "to trample underfoot". The best way to learn Aramaic is to sign up for the new Basics of Biblical Aramaic online course, taught by Miles Van Pelt. To my grandparents and their generation, "dinner" (as the large meal) was eaten at noon, since many lived on farms, and required the larger meal during the day, and then a lighter "supper" was eaten in the evening before retiring. Knowing biblical Hebrew enables you to engage deeply and richly with the Old Testament in its original language. To the ancient Hebrew nomads, the word "rain" was usually equated with "life" since without it, their very existence would not be possible. For example the Bible speaks of keeping and breaking the commands of God. Hebrew is one of the world’s most oldest languages. What pulls people of all denominations to learn Hebrew? Yes, there are caveats. When we read the Bible as a 20th Century Westerner, our culture and lifestyle often influence our interpretation of the words and phrases of the Bible. The Holy Language. It is our sincere desire that you find the resources below helpful in your journey to learn Biblical Hebrew. Although, by number of native speakers, both Amharic and Tigrinya (both in the same group) are more common than Hebrew. Why Study Hebrew? But because the Bible is a decidedly Jewish book learning biblical Hebrew will also give you new insight into the meaning of New Testament writings. Biblical Hebrew Biblical Hebrew is a set of 5 courses, levels 1-5, in which you will learn to master the Hebrew alphabet and biblical syntax, and will become familiar with translation decisions that have been made over the ages, understanding how they have affected the meaning of the original biblical texts.

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